A Part of Life

We’ve all been there. All of a sudden you check your bank account and your insurance company has pulled the monthly payment. Seems pretty normal. Except this time, its $20 more than it normally is. Frustrated and feeling a little betrayed, you get on the phone and dial their number. You’re met with an automated message that takes 20 minutes to navigate. After exasperatedly pressing 0 and screaming “REPRESENTATIVE!” into your iPhone 30 times, you finally hear the sweet sound of a live human on the other end. They’re doing their best to console you, saying “The number of accidents is going up” and “We all have to pay our part” and “Everybody is raising their rates, it’s part of life now”.

You’re beginning to feel a little hopeless, thinking you should probably shop around. God, what a hassle. You’re not eager to jump back into the market of passing around all your personal details hoping to save a few dollars. Having to make all those calls, or worse having 100 hungry insurance agents call you promising “to never hurt you the way they did”. So you resign to keeping your current policy as you forlornly tell yourself “Everybody is raising their rates, it’s part of life now”

This is where we come in. Go ahead and dial that number on the side. If it’s within business hours you will get a real live person on the other end. We don’t work for any one company, we work for you. We’ll shop around and make sure you’re getting the best possible rate. You only have to talk to one person to get all those quotes.

Secrets to Lowering Your Home Insurance

It is never much fun to get a notice that your insurance rate is increasing! The knee jerk reaction is to shop the insurance. But don’t get mad, get smart! Sometimes you can lower the premium where you are and stay with your agent and current bundle situation. First ask yourself what has changed?

Has a recent claim caused my insurance premium to jump? Weighing it now was the claim worth it? Did the claim get me a new roof (this could mean new roof discount). Did I recently update anything: plumbing, electrical, roof, HVAC. Depending on the insurers guidelines, one or all of these may get you a discount! Have I added an alarm system? Most insurers give a discount for having a monitored burglar alarm.

When is the last time I reviewed my protection. The most important is the dwelling limit. This is something to watch, many carriers automatically increase this value due to inflation. Some carriers just use a standard % for everyone. After 10+ years of that, you could be over-insured. Perhaps adjusting that could lower the premium. The remaining values are often just % of the dwelling value.

Next important item is reviewing the deductibles. If you still have a $500 or $1,000, you may want to see if increasing to a 1% or maybe a $1500, $2000 or $2500 deductible. This can make a big difference; especially if any of the above suggestions can be combined this this one.

Lastly, are you bundling? Are there other lines you could bring over to get multi-policy discounts? I would highly recommend running all these scenarios and any that your agent deems important before just firing your current agent/ company.

Hate Shopping for Insurance?

Shopping for a new outfit or that new addition to the man cave can be really fun! However, shopping for insurance, not so much. Insurance does not provide instant gratification and you hope that you never have to use it; but it is one of those things, that if the need to use it ever comes up, you will be very happy that you have it and especially that you have the appropriate coverage. At Carriage Insurance Agency, we understand this! That is why we have experienced agents that will make your insurance shopping experience more pleasurable and we will make sure you purchase the coverage that is right for you.

Nowadays, living expenses can add up fast and we know you want to save on your insurance premium, so we will make sure that you have all the applicable discounts and that you are not over-insured. On the other hand, you definitely do not want to be underinsured. Carriage Insurance Agents are here to make sure you obtain that right balance of insurance coverage that is tailored to your needs, as a Goldilocks of insurance, if you will (not too much or too little).

We will do the work so you don’t have to. All it takes is a few minutes and answering a few questions for a free quote and we will do the rest.