A Part of Life

We’ve all been there. All of a sudden you check your bank account and your insurance company has pulled the monthly payment. Seems pretty normal. Except this time, its $20 more than it normally is. Frustrated and feeling a little betrayed, you get on the phone and dial their number. You’re met with an automated message that takes 20 minutes to navigate. After exasperatedly pressing 0 and screaming “REPRESENTATIVE!” into your iPhone 30 times, you finally hear the sweet sound of a live human on the other end. They’re doing their best to console you, saying “The number of accidents is going up” and “We all have to pay our part” and “Everybody is raising their rates, it’s part of life now”.

You’re beginning to feel a little hopeless, thinking you should probably shop around. God, what a hassle. You’re not eager to jump back into the market of passing around all your personal details hoping to save a few dollars. Having to make all those calls, or worse having 100 hungry insurance agents call you promising “to never hurt you the way they did”. So you resign to keeping your current policy as you forlornly tell yourself “Everybody is raising their rates, it’s part of life now”

This is where we come in. Go ahead and dial that number on the side. If it’s within business hours you will get a real live person on the other end. We don’t work for any one company, we work for you. We’ll shop around and make sure you’re getting the best possible rate. You only have to talk to one person to get all those quotes.