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Buying Insurance in a World of Instant Gratification

We live in a world of instant gratification. We can do almost anything with the technology that is literally at our fingertips, a couple of decades ago, may have been unimaginable. We now even have packages that can be delivered to us by drone on the same day we place our order. While these technological advances have facilitated our lives in many ways, they have created certain expectations and standards for how and when we expect certain things. It has even made many of us become frustrated if something takes more than a few seconds or clicks. If we do not see immediate results, we may completely disregard something or do it reluctantly because we have no choice. This is one of the challenges that insurance agents may face in selling and servicing insurance policies and, frankly, why many consumers may dread shopping for insurance. It can be relatively quick to buy insurance, but you also want to take the time to make sure you are using a reputable company and purchasing the right coverage. In addition, insurance is not a tangible product that you hope you may never need to use. If you ever do need to use it, you will be very glad you have it but nonetheless, it is still delayed gratification. Some people may use it almost as soon as they buy it but some may use it after months or years of having it and very few may never even use it.


As an insurance agent, I am passionate about the products I sell, and I truly believe in them. I also know that the agents I work with feel the same way and we have helped our customers appreciate the importance of insurance as well. I believe that is because we have shown them that insurance does provide instant gratification after all, and that is peace of mind. Peace of mind is not a tangible product but it is more valuable than just about any other product we can buy. When you walk out of our agency or hang up the phone with us, you know that you have the right coverage tailored specifically for you and your family. Not having to wonder “what if…?” and knowing you and your family are protected for a rainy day is priceless; a weight lifted off your shoulders and one less thing to stress out about.

One insurance product that this is especially true for is life insurance. Nobody wants to think about death, but life insurance can actually be a very positive product when viewed from the perspective of buying peace of mind. This is a way to enjoy life insurance during your life, by knowing that you made a good choice to take care of your family while you are here and also while you are gone. Not to mention, there are also life policies that accumulate cash value that can be used during life, something many people do not know of. In the end, insurance doesn’t have to be a dreadful topic and it can actually be interesting! I am constantly learning new things about insurance and am happy to help my customers with any questions they have or even the ones that they may not even know they have yet!